Our Second App ‘Disembodied’ Is Out Now With Brand New Music!

Hey fiends,

The second horror app from my team up with D.W. Frydendall ‘Disembodied’ is available now for a free download featuring brand new music form yours truly.

Clawing your way out of purgatory was the easy part, now you must skillfully navigate through seven strange worlds in search of your missing soul. Skillfully avoid all obstacles in your path as you journey through skull mountain, the deathly briars, the suicide forest, the septic marshes, the haunted cemetery on the hill, the black backwoods, and eventually the infamous haunted Hillmont manor. Collecting the scattered death coins along your perilous quest will fill your life bar and push you one step closer to rejoining the land of the living and your chance to finally cheat death once and for all.

If this app does well and gets out to a wider audience, then we’ll have plenty more horror coming your way and will be able to bring this game to other devices, so please help spread the word. Click the banners below to check out and enter the world of ‘Disembodied’ and search for your soul.

Stay weird,
~Curtis Rx

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