Our New Album American Gothic Will Escape On 12/24/15, Preorder Yours Today!

Hey fiends,

I’m pleased to announce that our brand new album ‘American Gothic’ will officially be released 12/24/15, just in time for Xmas. Just like we did with our last album, we are releasing the new album on our our own independent record label ‘Villains And Vaudevillians’, this album will not be available in stores. You can either purchase it directly from us at our official online store or on Itunes and any of your other favorite digital vendors. I can’t stress enough that if you want us to keep releasing new Creature Feature music quicker please help support us by actually purchasing the album through any of the avenues listed above. Fiends always ask us why we release a limited edition shirt design for every song, well it’s because more people purchase our shirts and merchandise than purchase the actual songs. So, if you want to hear more Creature Feature music in the future from us at a faster pace, if you want to see Creature Feature music videos, and if you want to see us on tour, then please purchase our new music and help us complete our plan of taking over the world and making everyday Halloween.

To keep in the tradition of our last two cd releases, we have put together two different versions of this album, so please scroll down and check them out. PLEASE NOTE: This is a pre-order and all purchases will ship by 12/18/15. We hope that these will make it into your hands in time by Xmas, but unfortunately because of holiday we can’t guarantee it.

The first is a standard jewel case with a full color six page booklet (Artwork by D.W.Frydendall) for $13 plus S&H. Click any of the banners above or below to order yours today from our official online store, if you would like to order by cash through the mail, then please send an e-mail to creaturefeaturemusic@gmail.com

The second version we’re releasing is a deluxe version that comes with the the above jewel case and a full color six page booklet (Artwork by D.W. Frydendall), but also includes a limited edition slip cover with alternate artwork. These editions will be hand signed by Creature Feature. These deluxe editions are $23 plus S&H. Click the banners above or below to order yours today, if you would like to order by cash through the mail, then please send an e-mail to creaturefeaturemusic@gmail.com

As a special thanks to our fiends, if you help us by spreading the word about this new album by reposting the album artwork or anything related to the album release through any social media outlets (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Etc.) using the hashtags #creaturefeature and #americangothic you could win free Creature Feature merchandise. We’ll be scouring through these hashtags across all the social media platforms and be picking winners by random to receive free shirts, posters, and any other weird stuff we have stored away.

Thanks for the undying support and stay weird,
~Curtis Rx

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