Happy Halloween, Download Our Free iOS App ‘Creature Feature Slots’ Now.

Hey fiends,

Happy Halloween!

As a trick or treat, depending on how you see it, we have released our next free iOS app ‘Creature Feature Slots’ which is filled with ghastly new artwork from D.W. Frydendall.

Playing the slots has never been so ghastly!

Down a long, abandoned road through a dark and desolate stretch of forest there exists a moldering casino that has sat dormant in ruin for decades. As you enter through the hungry mouth of this dead monument, its soul is awakened and the place comes alive, sealing you within its crumbling halls. Gamble your death coins away to unlock additional levels based on the horrific hits of Creature Feature, the underworld’s favorite band of ghouls. Pull the handle, let the reels spin, and leave your fate up to chance as you listen to spooktacular songs such as The Greatest Show Unearthed, Aim For The Head, and many more. Will you make it out alive or will this place become your tomb?

The first four Creature Feature songs have been added with more to come in future along with new music and unreleased tracks. Two songs are playable now and the other two need to be unlocked with game play. Just like with our last apps, if this does well and is well received then we’ll work on bringing it to other platforms. Click the banners below for more info.

Stay weird and Happy Halloween,
~Curtis Rx

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